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You Are Not Asleep

Author: Melody Sumner Carnahan

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-45-2: $22.95

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"You Are Not Asleep inhabits a frontier where the self and the world meet, merge, divide and separate. Melody Sumner Carnahan's iconic stories are fables for a new era. Her writing constellates what is most intriguing and provocative in these pioneering times when art, science, and the evolution of consciousness are joined at the hip and the artists can be their own best astronauts of meaning." — Diane Armitage

"Astoundingly original. Certain passages are breathtaking in writing skill, which was predicted, in a way, in Carnahan's earlier books. This is entirely new territory. A major work." — Robert Ashley [about Only a Messenger]

"There have been few precedents to this kind of sustained avant-garde literature with a moving, human content." — Charles Shere [about The Time Is Now]

"Carnahan ranks among the keenest prose writers in America....No other writer since e. e. cummings has inspired such a wealth of innovative music." — Richard Kostelanetz, A Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes

"Hilarious, haunting, always striking...Carnahan is a visionary artist [who], against the backdrop of Top 40 music and Bestseller literature, sticks out like a crazy flower growing up through the middle of a square mile of asphalt." — Jim Barnes, Independent Publisher

"Carnahan['s] enigmatic texts have formed the basis for more pieces of music I know than any other recent write can claim....The most musical prose since Gertrude Stein." — Kyle Gann, The Village Voice

"Dense, inspiring wordcraft. Indeed, while [it] stands bold and upright in the face of variant definitions of's so expansive and comforting in the same way vast open space frees the soul." — Michael Henningsen, Weekly Alibi