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What is the Sound of Smoke?: A New Fiction Anthology

Editors: Richard Truhlar and Beverley Daurio

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-40-7: $19.95

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What happens when twelve writers with powerfully different styles and sensibilities create new stories in answer to a single question? What Is the Sound of Smoke? collects twelve fascinating new fictions, evoking unique worlds of emotion, character, love, humour, and intrigue:

Lesley McAllister

Eddie Mumford

Lola Lemire Tostevin

Opal Louis Nations

Michael Dean

Steven Ross Smith

Melody Sumner Carnahan

Karl Jirgens

Joshua W. James

Misha Nogha

Brian Dedora

Stuart Ross

Blindness, myth, bullying, and the death of a parent are explored. Totalitarian murder, a chance meeting, and climate change... One man is obsessed with shoes; another confronts his past when he runs into a former lover at a downtown restaurant; a jazz musician finds the cost of true music may be life-changing; a woman relives an intense love affair with a man across time; an art aficionado discovers the real-life subject of a work of art she loves, outside the museum... Every story in this book offers an opened heart and a sharp, refreshing vision.