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Author: Misha Nogha

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-27-8: $18.95

Electronic, ISBN 978-1-927367-29-2: $12.00

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From Prayers of Steel, the stories vibrate with cyberpunk intensity, combining fragility and violence, displaying an underworld of dystopian imaginings. The stories and prose poems from Ke-Qua-Hawk-As remind us of our true human creature selves and our natural heritage through vibrant language, signaling a hyper-reality woven from dream states, mythical places, and animal avatars. Two volumes in one, Walk the Red Road collects all the short stories and prose poems originally released in Misha Nogha’s two previous collections of fiction.

“Misha’s writing sounds like barbed wire being dragged across a raft of hydroelectric wire.”—Conger Beasley, Jr.

“Her prose flashes knifelike or glows cooly depending on what kind of fire she wants to emit.” —Michael Bishop

“The prose poem Walk the Red Road is great stuff and deserves to be read aloud. It compares quite favorably to The Walls of Emerald by Li Chiang Yen, a Chinese poet of the late Tang period.”—Brian Aldiss

“Misha’s writing is like Jack Kerouac on rollerskates.” —KW Jeter

Cover photo (neolithic petroglyph) by Jeff Pedersen. Interior illustrations by Ferret.

This is a Teksteditions publication.