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Author: Stuart Broomer

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-55128-162-9: $24.95

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Anthony Braxton may be the greatest creative force in contemporary music as well as one of the most controversial. In a forty-year career, he has reinterpreted most of the jazz repertoire while composing at the pace of Bach or Mozart.

 A musical futurist projecting multiple orchestras playing on different planets, Braxton has played duets with bop pioneer Max Roach, conducted his own opera and sat in with anarcho-punk noise band Wolf Eyes.

 In Time and Anthony Braxton, Stuart Broomer looks insistently at time, whether in the shape of jazz history, time’s relationship to pitch, or the unique ways in which Braxton constructs the musical moment. In approaching the dense weave of Braxton’s musical thought, Broomer references figures like Nicola Tesla, St. Augustine of Hippo, Ezra Pound, and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.

“Stuart Broomer has provided a paradigm that is relevant and insightful for uncovering the secrets of the third millennium. He is looking at the prime measuring unit of apparent existence in its metric and poetic sense. His perspective has dynamic implications that transcend any one focus. Stuart is thinking in the direction of the future.” — Anthony Braxton

 “Only a mind as refined and voraciously encyclopedic as Stuart Broomer’s could do justice to the astonishing and cornucopian creative force that is Anthony Braxton. A true meeting of minds is at work in this brilliant study.” — Evan Parker

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