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LOT 351

Author: Brian Dedora

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-35-3: $14.95

Electronic, ISBN 978-1-927367-36-0: $12.00

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“Bidding for items at estate sales gives the impression of bidding for a slice of history, an origin. Lot 351, Dedora’s visceral response to Bruce Pantapon’s extraordinary text not only extends the past into the present act of writing, it creates a perfectly homogeneous book, ‘a continuum of traces’ into the future. A truly haunting reading experience.”—Lola L Tostevin

“Brian Dedora's Lot 351 is a tour de force by a master of his craft. Like the Beethoven sonata played on the Conrad Graf that Dedora references, the “tempi, dynamics, and tone” of the collection move forward to a "finale" in which the "substance of its theme" becomes both "lost in a long gathering climax" and "reconstituted in all its simplicity"—the simplicity of a past desire that was unfulfilled and, for that very reason, remains achingly real and deeply moving. A rare combination of intense feeling, precise observation, and keen intelligence, Lot 351 is also unflinchingly personal and enormously generous—a lament so felt, poignant, and exquisite that it becomes a celebration.”—D.M.R. Bentley, Professor of English, Western University

“500 years from now we will discover books like this and they will be the subject of much scholarship and debate, just as scholars consider and debate the books we have that were composed 500 years ago. What is so excellent about the present volume is that we won't have to wait! Brian Dedora's new book Lot 351 is a text that will surely provide such scholarly debates and delight right here, in the present.” —Jay MillAr

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