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HERBIE NICHOLS: A Jazzist’s Life

Author: Mark Miller

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-55128-165-0: $24.95

Electronic: $12.99

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Herbie Nichols wanted to be a Prokofiev, but when classical training proved beyond his means as a young pianist in Harlem, he decided instead to become an Ellington. In truth, he became a Nichols — by his own description a “jazzist” and by any other name a singular figure on the New York jazz scene of the 1950s. He composed and all too infrequently recorded music whose originality, modernity and humour — set him apart from his contemporaries. Increasingly celebrated in the years since his death, Nichols is now honoured with this sympathetic and engaging biography.

“Miller's work is thorough, enlightening and a very readable achievement, filling a vital gap in jazz history.”—Geoff Chapman, The Globe and Mail

 “In addition to his fine detective work and analysis of Nichols’ unique music, Miller makes a strong and original case for Nichols as a product of the Harlem Renaissance movement.”—David Brent Johnson, Night Lights

This is a publication of The Mercury Press, made available through Teksteditions.