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Fifty Scores: Poems

Author: Arthur Bull

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-56-8: $16.95

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“The shh and kkk of a cutting knife, the ride cymbal of the leaves, the doorslam of a lover leaving, or the rhythm of our own blood. Our world, like each of these poems, is both musical score and performance, our daily lives the possibility of sound, of improvisation. In this beautiful, surprising, and ultimately profound collection, Arthur Bull encourages us to listen and make music with both the human and the natural environment. To discover the essential music inside all things.” — Gary Barwin

“These brief scores are instructions in listening — how to hear the sounds that surround us and participate with them. My favourite combines the sounds of attached wood being separated by crowbar with Albert Ayler's saxophone. Perfect! There's Verdi and frogs. Other musics alluded to or employed include Son House, Miles Davis, James Brown's singing and a Moroccan street musician plucking a rubber band stretched out from his lower teeth. We chop vegetables and pee into a brook. Other scores stay with the body: Adding "tiny lip sounds" while listening to one's blood, heartbeat and breath. Another has one generating a wah-wah guitar sound and bass line while brushing one's teeth. There is so much of the aural in our daily lives. We are enriched by noticing the detail. Here is an instruction manual.” — Nelson Ball