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Bumped: Stories and Poems

Author: Lesley McAllister

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-55-1: $18.95

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“McAllister’s lyrics… are spare, conversational reports from experience, of being there, facing the pain of a loved one dying slowly as the brain closes down, cell by cell, calcifying, but still, in this ‘going away,’ remaining intimately and pathetically human. [These] are good – and, more importantly, feeling – pieces.” – George Elliott Clarke, Maple Tree Literary Supplement

“[The Alzheimer Bus Poems] are clear and complex, and almost clairvoyant in their direct effect on the reader.” – Melody Sumner Carnahan

“The poems are complex… [they] combine observation, compassion and quiet despair. They are direct and deeply moving.” – Nelson Ball

“A poignant and resonant take on physical and mental decline… [McAllister] inspires the reader to dream of new possibilities that lie beyond both fiction and reality.” – Shawn Syms, Prairie Fire (review of The Closets of Time)