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Author: Opal Louis Nations

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-927367-09-4: $18.95

Electronic, ISBN 978-1-927367-10-0: $12.00

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A Cornucopia is the new major collection of works by Opal Louis Nations that includes poetry, stories, text-drawings, a lexicon, and much more.

"He is a visionary who is concerned with the cosmos, the future, and the marvels of tomorrow-worlds."—Joseph Campbell, Atropos

"Like a magician, Nations reveals through tricks—rabbits out of a hat—and confusion. He does not entertain to teach, not even to show. He swindles our imaginations into thinking we are not the freaks of which he speaks...Nations is a Boswell to the woes of modern times...Please, he assures us, this is not a diagnostic symbol of the collapse of civilization."—from The Strange Case of Opal Nations by George Myers, Jr.

This is a Teksteditions publication.