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Who we are

Working from respect for the traditions and the avant garde in literature, books from Teksteditions display the convergence of likes and loves of both exciting revolutions and collaboration.

Our intention is to curate excellence in long-form writing, working in an innovative way with new electronic possibilities, offering electronic book publishing, in both POD (physical books) and digital versions, through our partners.

Teksteditions' Founders

Richard Truhlar (1950 – 2013)

by Karl Jirgens

Richard Truhlar, author of The Hollow and other fictionsDynamite in the Lung, The Pitch, Figures in Paper TimeUtensile Paradise, among others, was a writer, a text/sound/music composer, and a website developer.

Along with other avant-garde writers, he was responsible for such publishing imprints such as Kontakte, Phenomenon Press, Teksteditions and Underwhich Editions. Throughout the 1980s, he championed the Underwhich Audiographics Series, publishing progressive recordings of sound poetry and electroacoustic music. A founding member of the sound poetry group OWEN SOUND and the electroacoustic chamber music ensemble TEKST, he was the director of the contemporary music label Centrediscs at the Canadian Music Centre. At the time of his death, he was also the co-publisher/editor of Teksteditions along with Beverley Daurio. He will be missed by very many friends, fellow artists and collaborators.

In 1975 Richard Truhlar co-founded Phenomenon Press with fellow writer John Riddell, and together they edited and published the avant-garde periodical Kontakte. In the same year, Truhlar established the Kontakte Writers in Performance Series which featured readings and performances by most of Canada's foremost experimental writers. The Series ran for a total of 10 years and featured over 100 artists including Sheila Watson, bpNichol, Michael Ondaatje, Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck and Nicole Brossard, among many others.

A great believer in performance collaboration, Truhlar was an active member of the sound poetry group Owen Sound which included Michael Dean, David Penhale, Steven Ross Smith and Richard Truhlar. Over a ten year period, this poetry performance ensemble gave 80 readings across Canada, in the USA and Europe. In the late 1970s, he joined with musician Glenn Frew to form the new wave rock band Warm Jets, after which he formed the electroacoustic chamber music ensemble Tekst. Founded in 1980, Tekst explored the interface between writing and music in original ways, gave a number of major performances, and published four albums of their compositions. Truhlar also collaborated with such artists as Steve McCaffery, Susan Frykberg, bpNichol, Michael Chocholak, and Eugene Martynec.

Richard Truhlar was a founding editor/publisher of Underwhich Editions where, along with a number of other writers, he published books, chapbooks, broadsides, microfiche, leaflets and progressive audio recordings of sound poetry and electroacoustic music.

In the field of broadcasting, Truhlar distinguished himself through the production of literary programs. He produced two series for radio station CJRT-FM: The Art of Sound Poetry, and Canadian Poetry in the 1980s, where such guests as The Four Horsemen, Victor Coleman and Christopher Dewdney were interviewed and read from their works. He also worked as a volunteer staff member at radio station CKLN-FM, where he created, produced and hosted the live broadcast of In Other Words, a programme devoted to contemporary writing; and he hosted the first live interview in Canada with composer Philip Glass for the CBC's Two New Hours.

Richard Truhlar was an electroacoustic/textsound composer who has been active for 30 years, and during the 1980s and '90s released 5 albums of his work, and has had numerous broadcasts of his work throughoutCanada, theUnited StatesandEurope. Richard Truhlar’s energetic contributions to the audio and textual arts included tireless support of fellow artists, writers and musicians. The depth of his impact is profound; his premature loss will be felt by many colleagues for years to come. He left a unique and significant mark within the international arena of textual and audio expression. He was an artist’s artist, an inspiration, and an impresario. He will be missed as deeply as he will be admired for his remarkable achievements within the arts. Peace and love, beloved fellow traveller. Richard leaves his beloved wife, Mara Zibens, and their cherished sons, Darius and Soren.


Infinite Anatomies. Teksteditions, 2012

Permission To Speak. Teksteditions, 2012

Terminal Intelligence. Teksteditions, 2011

The Closets of Time. The Mercury Press, 2007

The Hollow and other fictions. The Mercury Press, 2005

Dynamite in the Lung. The Mercury Press, 1999

The Pitch. The Mercury Press, 1992

Figures in Paper Time. Aya Press / The Mercury Press, 1989

Utensile Paradise. Aya Press, 1987

Sleepwalkers (with Steven Ross Smith). Underwhich Editions, 1987

Trace-Form Imagery in Venetian Ornamental Cookery. Underwhich Editions, 1985

Ten Sephardic Tanslations. Curvd H&Z, 1984

Parisian Novels. The Front Press, 1983

Moon Dice. Underwhich Editions, 1982

Open Translations. Phenomenon Press, 1982

Interior Design (with Mara Zibens). Teksteditions, 1982

A Porcelain Cup Placed There. Coach House Press, 1979

Ten Portraits of Mimaroglu. Kontakte / Phenomenon Press, 1978

Priapus Arched. Kontake / Phenomenon Press, 1977

Rheticus the Dreampoems. Wild Press, 1975


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Beverley Daurio
Beverley Daurio’s fiction has been published in the USA, England, and Australia, as well as widely in Canada. Her non-fiction has appeared across Canada, including in The Globe and Mail. She is the author of three books, including Hell & Other Novels (Coach House/Talon), Justice (Moonstone Press), and If Summer Had a Knife (Wolsak and Wynn). Editor of several anthologies, she was formerly editor-in-chief of paragraph: The Canadian Fiction Review, and Poetry Canada Review. Books edited by Beverley Daurio, primarily for The Mercury Press, where she was editor-in-chief for many years, have won or been shortlisted for many prizes, including the Governor-General’s Award, the Trillium Award, and the City of Toronto Book Award. She lives in Toronto.

Facts, Guidelines and Policies

Teksteditions (TE) is one of a few pioneers of Canadian literary publishing in the electronic world.

 In many ways, TE seeks to maintain and build on the best traditions of trade publishing. TE’s editing, page and cover design and the way we work with writers are to our highest standards, and we work with our writers toward the most rewarding process and books possible.

 At the same time, though, TE has taken steps to circumvent and work around the yawning abyss of difficulties that have overtaken publishing with digital and technological change: unaffordable distribution; heavy shipping charges; insupportable returns; the expense of sales reps. In the past few years, the percentage that a trade publisher received after paying rapacious chain/big box and aggregator discounts and the above charges—never mind the basic overhead costs of our work—has slid into the negative. That is why Snare Books (on the tiny, hugely valuable end, sadly closing) and Douglas & McIntyre (on the larger house, massively valuable end, in bankruptcy protection) are just the latest houses to have fallen into trouble.

 So the publishers/editors of TE sat down for over a year with cups of coffee and a deep desire to keep the best of literary standards and a skeptical eye to current publishing practice, and developed an experimental plan.

 TE currently operates without government subsidies, and is designed to work from an availability model.

 This has practical and theoretical implications.

 It means that our authors’ books are available around the world in entire territories that were never feasible before: anywhere in Canada, in the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and throughout the US—around the world.

 The books are produced in multiple formats (appropriate to each book), as trade and pdf or epub books, with some even available in hardcover. Our books are sold through the TE website, and produced by the print-on-demand experts Certain titles will be further available through Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and the ibook store.

 TE makes books widely available, but does not push-sell. This means no returns, and no consignment. It also means that books are only printed when they are ordered and wanted—saving on trees, and waste.

 TE’s relationship with regular bookstores has been simplified: bookstores are welcome to purchase TE books at 40% off, non-returnable. This drastically reduces administration and concomitant costs, while maintaining our availability.

 In this new paradigm, TE encourages authors to work with us to develop networks and internet presence, through their websites and reviews and anything we can come up with together to get the word out, as well as TE’s own emailing, catalogues, website, events and via other means. What is possible? That is what we are interested in.

  • Teksteditions (TE) is an on-line publishing house that provides mail-order print-on-demand books (paperback, hardcover, chapbooks) and digital downloads (Pdf E-books, epub). TE titles are sold through our printer/distribution
  • At present, TE does not receive any government subsidies.
  • Libraries and Bookstores are directed to contact TE directly to order books.
  • Libraries receive a 20% discount on list price, must pay shipping charges, and books are non-returnable.
  • Bookstores receive a 40% discount on list price, must pay shipping charges, and books are non-returnable.
  • TE does not engage in consignment orders.
  • TE authors can purchase copies of their books at 60% of list price. If an author wants his/her books to be available in bookstores or other sales venues (book fairs that TE will not be attending, readings, etc.), it is the author’s responsibility for these transactions, i.e. he/she is to purchase the stock from TE for such re-sale activities.
  • TE will, to its best ability, promote and market its books through its web site, Facebook, at launches and events, at book fairs that it attends, and through occasional mail-order catalogues and flyers.
  • TE encourages authors to promote their TE books through their own available resources.
  • At present, TE does not consider unsolicited manuscripts.
  • TE is open to many forms of writing in many genres, and publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry.